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Add artistic creations to your brand promotions with Snackable video content

In the present era, people’s attention spans for content continue to shorten as they spend more time online. Similarly, snackable video content provides them with relevant search results.Additionally, they prefer easily digestible content while scrolling through social media rather than reading long lines of text.


However, brands may establish memorable interactions with consumers through snackable content rather than lengthy blog posts or other long-form writing that can be difficult to find and read. The concept of snackable videos refers to content that can be consumed, digested, and shared in bite-sized pieces.


Contrarily, a developing trend called live content enables you to engage people and create a community around your company. It also knows as snackable video content commonly. In this blog post, we learn about snackable content, videos, and the correlation between snackable videos and live content.

What do you know about snackable video content?

Snackable content

Moreover, snackable video content refers to short-form, ingestible, and visually appealing content. Additionally, it often invents to consume on a mobile device quickly and efficiently. Additionally, visual content prevails in snackable videos.


Similarly, snackable content can attract more viewers because audiences favor visual material over plain text. It can complement other brand-related industries or join in with more extensive campaigns or online trends.

Snackable videos

Moreover, snackable video is digital content that can be easily consumed, digested, and shared in bite-sized bits. Since March 2020, video consumption has grown by 120%. All social media platforms like—YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Spotlight— launched easily digestible videos that draw viewers.

Examples of snackable video content forms on social media channels

  • GIFs
  • Infographics
  • Haiku and quotes
  • Image graphics
  • Memes
  • Text animation vids
  • YouTube shorts
  • Q/A style video material for Facebook, Linkedin, etc.

Why do snackable videos consider much important for present-day marketing and brand promotion?

Due to information overload and busy work schedules, successful communication frequently requires delivering the core message in the shortest time possible. Consequently, memes, gifs, photographs, and brief films include short, simple to consume, and suitable for sharing on social media. 


As a result, several sites, including Buzzfeed, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., meet this requirement. These platforms thrive with content like bit-sized.


Likewise, due to the abundance of snackable information on the internet nowadays, snackable video content may play a significant role in your content strategy. 


Generally, 86% of businesses currently use snackable movies to create leads and further their marketing objectives. According to a Wyzowl survey, 96% of consumers use video to learn about a specific good or service.


Likewise, with over 2 billion active users each month, YouTube is among the most popular platforms and the second most visited website, following Google.  Further, a typical example of an American program that goes viral with bit-sized videos is “5-Minute Crafts.” Its main facts include this show-

  •  38% of people shared videos they found interesting.
  • 21% shared material because it was amusing.
  • 12% of people shared videos that they found useful.

However, which snackable content will be effective for your company? Therefore, A/B testing is the best method for determining the answer.


Similarly, do customers today hold limited attention spans? They may want something that won’t take up much of their time, but they also want something that will make them smile.


Besides this, these 15- to 60-second snackable videos work for a new era of video marketing where social shareability is top-of-mind and hefty production expenses are not essential. 

On a footnote

As previously mentioned, snackable video content considers effective on social media because users want to browse continuously rather than stop reading lengthy articles. However, users have flocked to social media during the pandemic, where snackable videos have taken root.


Today, about a third of customers watch more positive short-form flicks to lift their spirits during hard times. Overall, snackable video content can also benefit your brand and marketing materials in a few other ways, further indicating their importance. To know more about the latest marketing trends or services at affordable prices, you can visit us at swapithub.com.