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Adore success with advanced SEO

We are all aware of general SEO these days, but do you ever heard about advanced SEO techniques? If not, today we will discuss the latest SEO strategies and terms that will win the search game easily. 


As we understand SEO marketing and its full-form- Search Engine Optimization, the standard techniques for this digital marketing concept are the same as usual-

  • On page 
  • Off-page
  • Technical SEO

Therefore, the question arises of how advanced SEO techniques differ from ordinary ones. Now, let’s find the answer as described below-

What is advanced SEO in simple terms?

Advanced SEO considers rules and techniques developed in standard SEO to authentically take your website to the next level. Likewise, it is necessary for both pre-established and start-up businesses. 


Additionally, by including the latest search engine optimization techniques and tools, you can get more favorable indexing for your website by the web crawlers. 


In order to take advantage of this service, expert persons and agencies like SwapITHub require with excellent knowledge and expertise in the latest digital marketing services to crush competitors.  


Similarly, advanced SEO services are quite different from general text-based search queries, and they will assist your website in getting higher traffic volume and ranking on the SERPs. Moving in the same vein, let’s learn about future-proven advanced SEO techniques

What is Voice Search SEO?

Voice SEO is the primary and influential part of search optimization. Users can use keywords, phrases, or specific names for their search queries to get optimized results. 


In addition, specific voice assistants include getting verified results, such as Google Assistant, Alexa tool, Cortana, Databot, Lyra, etc. These are a few voice assistant examples that will help you to get your query or your client’s query answered. 

Strategies used for voice search SEO-

All over the world, more than 68% of people use voice assistants to find their products or services online, especially in local areas. 


Still, we must recognize it in international searches for travel locations, food, famous places, etc. Now, look at the few successful strategies if you use or plan to use SEO voice search strategy on your website- 

  • Include voice assistants as an SEO strategy in your website’s query box for local searches as well as in emails for international services. 
  • As more than 75% of voice search results are the top three on search engine pages, ensure your client’s queries are answered within the given time. It will help you improve your business ranking and build trust among potential and new clients. 
  • Use long-tail and question-based keywords while using voice SEO, and make sure your device is working where you get queries. 
  • Make your website mobile-friendly and ensure it works and can easily navigate. 
  • You can use the Google Knowledge graph on your website to get accurate and enormous information for the user’s queries. 
  • Must present FAQ section as short descriptions for customers’ general questions.
  • Always keep in mind the customer persona and provide relevant and informative content.
  • Include Schema in your website to make it more relevant and accurate. 

What do you understand by Visual SEO?

Search engine optimization is broad, and we can only imagine ranking and navigation with SEO. Similarly, another important technique of advanced SEO techniques is Visual optimization. 


Like voice SEO, visual SEO strategies include images as queries to get relevant information. It permits visual search results as text-based queries. However, it is also a widely used technique to find written & relevant visual contents as videos or images.


Nowadays, there are three particular visual search SEO techniques used that are described below

Meta Search for images

As the name depicts, Metasearch for images provides results for text-based queries in pictures, animations, or thumbnails. Likewise, this information retrieval system uses metadata to obtain accurate results, such as- Alt tags, file names, and descriptions related to the images. 

Reverse Image search

This tact of search query needs a sample image or a hyperlink for the similar results you want. After getting the exemplary pictures or links, the search engine provides the same or almost relevant images for your queries. 


Additionally, content appears here for the shape, size, texture, colors, etc., for the results. 

Snap and Search (Click or search)

We can understand the technology by its name that assists in how to improve CTR in SEO. It requires an image, or we can click the picture for something we need to find nearby, such as- logos, branded clothes, shoes, makeup, etc., building photographs, human images, etc. 


Here, technology follows the three basic steps to give you accurate results:

  1. Scanning
  2. Matching
  3. Filtration

Therefore, you get the desired and relevant results that you are looking for just by uploading or clicking a picture. Moreover, Google Lens, Pinterest Lens, and Bixby Vision are the primary examples of image search platforms. 

Steps to include while planning Visual SEO strategy-

  • Use XML sitemaps 
  • Must include product or service descriptions for images with appropriate ALT TAGS
  • Give images the exact name that can match your keywords; also, to hint the picture, always use context; that is the rule for advanced SEO techniques for image optimization
  • Optimize the images for quality and size
  • To make web crawlers understand and index your visual content, use Schema markups as a preference
  • Ensure the web pages that contain visual content are mobile-friendliness, loading speed, and have quality images

Real marketers use innovative and Advanced SEO techniques

In conclusion, advanced SEO techniques are vital to rank your website and increase traffic volume. Additionally, both voice SEO and visual SEO are essential aspects of digital marketing and also improve your customer journey with accurate search results. 


Therefore, be a real marketer, follow the latest SEO techniques, and grow at a pace with the demand of time. If you are looking for the best SEO service provider, visit swapithub.com once.