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Another world of web applications- Progressive web apps

We are all aware of the web apps or mobile apps offered in the play store or App Store of smartphones. Likewise, we have more than 200,000 progressive web apps but know them by their names as games, E-commerce, etc.


However, PWAs or progressive web pages come with the latest features like native apps. Similarly, these can see on our mobile screens, taskbars, etc. In addition, Progressive web apps are designed specifically for modern API capabilities and think as the future of the current app development world.


Now, we will explore these apps today with their examples and advantages and disadvantages.

What do you understand by progressive web apps?

Generally, PWAs consider the unique modification in websites and app generation. Additionally, these behave like mobile apps but view a complete website and app mixture with the latest features.


However, the Progressive web page eliminates the requirement of E-commerce merchants and builds native mobile apps with excellent features. Likewise, it offers a smooth, uninterrupted web connection and a native app-like experience with great quality and performance.


These apps consider secure to use, and you can work offline, send push notifications, and can access the home screen easily. Further, the Progressive web application includes full-pack standard technologies with speedy conversions and more uncluttered browsing.

Nevertheless, the basic coding languages used for PWAs consider as-

  • Java script
  • CSS
  • HTML

Moreover, these work as reliable, fast, and engaging apps, including the best for mobile-first E-commerce trades. People also prefer these apps today due to full connectivity with low internet connection. 

What features does a Progressive Web App possess?

However, these apps consider a great deal of UX transformation and can be accessed by most used web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Brave, etc. Additionally, these beliefs are a boon for the internet and make E-commerce easy. Now, briefly look at the features of the Progressive web apps as discussed below.


  • It looks like a normal website but behaves like an app
  • These consider browser agnostic
  • Updates automatically
  • Search engine friendly
  • Easy to create
  • Similar to mobile apps and functions like them


Generally, progressive applications come with the latest features, and here are a few examples of these apps.

Examples of PWAs

  • Starbucks
  • BMW
  • Soundslice
  • Flipboard
  • Make my trip
  • Uber
  • 2048 games
  • Debenhams


Besides this, Progressive Web App stands on three primary pillars that help these to remain working and efficient. Now, take a look at these as listed below.

Three pillars of PWAs

  • Capability
  • Reliability
  • Easy to install

What are the pros and cons of progressive web pages?

Moreover, 52% of customers said they had a bad mobile app experience due to a weak internet connection. Similarly, they found PWAs most reliable and efficient when a busy server or weak web connection exists.


It delivers the best user experience and is far better than native mobile apps via coding or programming for web. Likewise, expert marketers believe that PWAs benefit mobile E-commerce trading, and these offer all the capabilities of an E-commerce app simultaneously.


If progressive web apps have advantages, they also lack somewhere else; therefore, look at their pros and cons for the users.

Pros of Progressive web apps

  • No need to follow specific app store rules for installation
  • Offers a wide range of apps than native applications
  • Possess website and app attributes 
  • Users can use these during offline mode and show strong performance
  • Considerably budget-friendly
  • Supports SEO
  • The robust basis for further development

Cons of PWAs

  • Still in the growth phases
  • Possess limited functionality
  • No access to app store
  • Not fully functional as native web apps
  • Requires secure web connection

To wind things up

All in all, progressive web apps provide you with a more excellent and better user experience. However, these are still in the development phase and illustrate as the best E-commerce apps by Google.


Besides all this, web app development prefers over native apps and brings the latest features and capabilities.