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Briefly describe QR codes and their use in digital marketing

Nowadays, most people are aware of QR codes that they commonly use to do transactions or to know about the details of the products they order. Likewise, in digital marketing, QR coding plays a vital role these days.


Generally, people can easily create QR codes for their websites and apps by putting the URLs. In addition, these binary codes have no expiry date, and you need a smartphone and tablet to scan the codes. Let’s start with the QR code and its use in online marketing and E-commerce.

What do you understand by QR codes and how it works?

QR codes generally consider the two-dimensional (2D) bar code matrix that gives easy access to required information using a smart device camera like a mobile phone or tablet.


In short, we can say it is a machine-scannable image that can easily and instantly read by using a smart device’s digital camera, like a phone or tabs. It is called Quick Response codes.


However, it consists of black dots and squares that represent detailed information. Digital cameras can scan code bars and translate certain information so humans can understand it easily. The QR code has a quick access link behind it that keeps it active. If that link will delete or archive, then it stops working.

How are QR codes used in digital marketing?

Moreover, QR codes generator or barcodes possess binary code patterns that can interpret to reveal the code’s data or information. These codes were generated by the Japanese company Denso’s employee Masahiro Hara in 1994 in the colored pattern but later changed to black only.


If we talk about using these black codes in online marketing, marketers use them on their websites. These patterns use by the traders on their billboards, magazines, E-books, and for other online materials.


Likewise, QR codes business cards, or simply codes, seem necessary for marketing campaigns to measure their effectiveness and the performance of an ad. These assist in gathering the first-party data that considers a must for the marketing giants, but Google moves away from their third party.

Advantages of QR codes in digital marketing-

  • Directs customers to a landing page or website
  • Makes contact with your business number
  • Sends a commercial message
  • Directly downloads the apps
  • Sends an email
  • Leads consumers to social media pages
  • Best for shopping and E-commerce
  • Shows your business location
  • Transactions without hassle
  • The latest generated codes can’t easily be scanned
  • Reveals discounts and coupons

Besides all this, normal codes do not require any specific app or brand logo to use the proximity. It considers a customer-centric approach of marketers to curate unique user experiences. But snapseed QR codes look different from them and can develop only on QR code maker snapseed app.

What are the disadvantages of QR codes?

However, quick response codes can quickly understand the data and be used for various purposes. Likewise, these codes keep information legibly but can’t be exempt from cyber scams. In addition, these can use as-

For Androids

  • Barcode scanner apps
  • QR code reader or scanner

For Ios

  • Preinstalled camera app
  • Scanbot

Now take a look at the disadvantages of using QR codes-

  • Sinful actors or QR code hackers use these for negative purposes
  • Customers face phishing attacks by hackers
  • Users get attacked by hackers by spreading malware viruses or QRLjacking
  • Lack of familiarity of people with these codes leads to severe risks
  • Most consumers do not even prefer Quick Response codes due to privacy concerns
  • It can’t be accessible without the Internet and expensive phones

The bottom line is

To summarize, QR codes include an advanced mode of advertising and transactions. Likewise, it considers simple to use as an open camera and scan, so there is no need to add a number or go through a lengthy procedure of app sign-ups. These work as the best call to actions tabs and lead customers to your website and app.