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Briefly explain the pros and cons of Hubspot

Hubspot includes among the most well-liked, well-marketed, and well-designed marketing automation tools. Moreover, integrating marketing and CRM is also quite impressive, but we can’t ignore the pros and cons of Hubspot


In automation market research, experts discovered that Hubspot holds a 41.6% market share for small business automation software, making them the industry leader. Additionally, marketing automation increases qualified leads by an average of 451%, providing marketers with vital information about the elements that must consider when nurturing each lead.


Besides this, every tool and technology possesses its advantages and disadvantages in marketing. So, take a look at the pros and cons of Hubspot, too, as discussed below.

Pros and cons of Hubspot

Pros of the Hubspot

Symbiotic CRM sales maintain 99% user satisfaction with a free CRM service platformFor example, marketing mergers increased response rates above typical rates of 3% to 15% or higher when optimizing marketing and sales campaigns. 

The platform is simple to use

Hubspot products are exquisitely designed. Given the complexity of marketing automation software is user-friendly for small business owners with limited or no coding knowledge.

Free 7-day trial

Most marketing automation tools look more effective at reducing the customer’s initial risk (high setup fees, no free trials, and extended contracts). However, Hubspot is one of the few tools that offer a free trial even though they have high setup costs and a contract. But 

Helping to educate their users

Similarly, Hubspot’s investment in educating its users is undoubtedly its most impressive feature. In addition, business owners can learn much about online marketing on their blogs, which works as a tremendous resource.

Find all your tools at a single location

Hubspot offers everything in one location, providing a place for all your tools. Even though you could find 99% of Hubspot’s features elsewhere for free (or cheap), keeping everything conveniently in one place.

An eyeful of data insights

What is good about CRM if it doesn’t give you vital customer data you can use to generate leads and eventually generate income? But HubSpot CRM excels at this, automatically recording customer interactions and offering insightful data on consumer behavior. 


In addition, it enables you to follow up with customers in the most effective way possible.

Customization has no boundary lines

HubSpot allows you to customize everything to your brand and unique sales process, unlike most CRMs with annoying customization restrictions.

It easily integrates with all your other systems

The sooner it is installed, HubSpot CRM will operate in the background of every tool you already use, ready to be activated whenever necessary. HubSpot CRM includes at home in any software ecosystem, blending seamlessly with various operations and processes rather than requiring you to change them.

Broad library

For any needs in website design, email drip campaigns, e-books, case studies, and more, HubSpot contains a vast library of simple-to-use templates. However, this feature saves you a ton of crisis in the extended period of conceptualizing from scratch if you have a talented in-house designer.

Outstanding social media tool

The social media tool from HubSpot marketing enables marketers to control, publish, and keep an eye on all of our social media accounts from a single dashboard. 


Similarly, to keep things interesting, ask HubSpot to show the social media metrics of your competitors, the market, and any other variables you monitor. This potent feature supports the claim that HubSpot’s purchase is justified by this functionality alone.

Content optimization for more precise targeting

The drag-and-drop landing page builder from HubSpot Marketing makes it simple to create stunning websites without any coding knowledge. With its SEO optimization tools, you can distribute engaging content and control how leads respond to it from a single, interactive dashboard.

Cut out cold communications

Among HubSpot Sales, you can quickly automate outreach and queue up a series of customized emails without risking speaking to leads impersonally. All payment reminders, including those to you, are sent out automatically whenever a prospect takes specific actions (opens an email, clicks on a link, and more).

Paperless pipeline management

In several ways, HubSpot Sales eradicate manual data entry. Likewise, you can import your contact databases and display them on your dynamic dashboard. 


Besides this, users can also have vital statistics like location, contact information, and clicks automatically logged each time a client opens an email. Your customers will admire that you ask them to fill out a specific form if you also use HubSpot’s inbound marketing suite.

Cons of Hubspot

Require a one-year contract

The standard billing cycle for Hubspot contracts considers annually. In the end, marketing automation is something you’ll probably use for many years, so this is a minor problem. 


However, a rolling month-to-month contract would be preferable by keeping the pros and cons of Hubspot in mind.

Their basic or PRO package does not include A/B testing

It would also help to upgrade to their $2,400/month package to run split tests. It seems odd that they wouldn’t provide A/B testing at lower levels to help small businesses achieve better results. 


Consequently, it is one of their quickest and most compelling modes to improve the performance of online campaigns (and additional revenue). Most Hubspot tools are accessible elsewhere for free or at a low-cost Hubspot provides a well-designed set of tools, but they could be more ground-breaking.

Technical support is an additional cost

Although installing Hubspot is pretty simple, you’ll have to pay for it if you need ongoing technical support.

Last but not least

However, Software for marketing automation does not include a one-size-fits-all product. In light of factors like team size, company size, and overall strategy, your company’s needs may differ from those of your competitors. 


Additionally, growing mid-market and enterprise companies that want to boost the number of online leads they produce should use HubSpot. The core of the inbound marketing methodology is content creation and thoughtfully planned automation based on the unique user personas of your company. 


Therefore, Hubspot’s blog section and CRM considers the right choice for them. But according to your business needs, you must focus on the pros and cons of Hubspot. Overall, not only B2B lead generation companies can use HubSpot. It offers a wealth of assets for eCommerce brands looking to get started with inbound marketing.