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Choose your podcast categories wisely!

As we all know, podcasts have become an incredible part of our lives. These consider good companions for individuals while they walk, drive, or do workouts. Additionally, as social media or online marketing keep its specific categories, similarly, podcasts do also possess particular podcast categories.


However, formatting a podcast means making people aware of your specific podcast so they can find out about you easily. Here, in this blog post, we will discuss the most specific categories of podcasting and the preferred genres.

Understanding the formatting of podcasts

Moreover, for several reasons, podcast categories are essential. Additionally, listeners who search these categories for new broadcasts will do so according to their interests. For instance, it is doubtful that you will reach your target audience and gain new listeners if your food podcast is classified under Running.


Likewise, keeping your show’s format consistent for the types of podcast genres you choose includes essential. Therefore, selecting a podcast format in advance provides a road map for your efforts and enables you to provide exciting content consistently.


The most interesting podcast material encourages users to learn more and offers them options. For each episode, consider relevant sources you can point listeners to later. You can differentiate your podcast by providing listeners with valuable insights such as guidance, information, tutorials, educational material, etc.-that they can use in their everyday lives.


Additionally, researching your expertise is the best approach to providing thoughtful analysis. Moving to the point, let’s find out the top podcast categories and formats.

Most popular podcast categories

Interview Podcasts

Interview podcasts are likely one of the first formats that come to mind when you think of podcasts. The most popular podcast format, interviews, features a constant host (or hosts) speaking with a different guest each week. Although the guests and the themes can change, they always connect by a common theme.

Conversational (co-hosted format)

The hosts of conversational podcasts spend most of each episode diving into a single subject. Similarly, several celebrities love it because it has the atmosphere of a friendly conversation between friends.


Likewise, co-hosts can elicit information from one another to help themselves, and the audience understands a subject. However, each host contributes unique viewpoints and ideas to ensure well-rounded episodes as the best category for podcasts.

Educational podcast

In contrast to interviews or conversational podcasts, these focus on imparting knowledge about a particular subject, such as expanding your business or refining your artistic abilities. The show notes for these podcast categories are essential since they can contain much information and should be used to summarize lessons and provide links to additional resources.

Solo Podcasts

In addition, to concerns if there is no co-host. Due to the need for a co-host or guest relationships, solo podcasting is a simple method to get started. You only want a concept, straightforward recording gear, and a free hosting service.

News and nonfiction storytelling

Do you need ideas for a new subject each week? You can start a podcast that tells a true story or provides the most recent information in a certain specialty. Even traditional news organizations are entering the podcasting space with regular podcasts like NPR’s Up First.


Likewise, listeners tempt to return for more by engaging episodes that spread out existing information, such as court cases and mysteries.

Theater podcast

Here is a podcast format just for authors of literature. Like old-school radio programs, you can use a podcast to convey a fictional story over audio episodes. You can write a brand-new narrative or rewrite an old one in a different style for your podcast. In a way that writing on a screen or page cannot, you can make your story come to life.

Bite-sized content or short-lived podcasts

You can test the waters of podcasting or keep courses brief and to the point with bite-sized episodes or narrow podcast series. Short-term episodes require less planning, recording, and editing to test your audience’s enthusiasm for a new subject or format.

At the end of the day

Generally, multiple podcasts will require different amounts of planning, editing, and promotion. So, focus on how to choose a podcast category to monetize it later. While you can choose many podcast categories and subcategories, remember that only the main ones will be used to classify your podcast for search purposes.


So, your podcast’s title and cover art are as essential to attracting listeners as your categories. If people can’t find your podcast, they won’t listen, regardless of how wonderful it is. Always keep in mind how crucial it is to know your target market. Consider your target market as you select your category.


Moreover, listeners adore podcasts. The number of listeners is booming, and they can’t get enough. There is always a way to include your podcast in one of the many podcast categories. However, take some time to consider that category and place it appropriately.


Consequently, listeners should discover your podcast, enjoy it, and spread the word on social media. Your careful planning, writing, research, recording, and categorization efforts could all be rewarded. So, always classify your podcasts carefully to hit the audience and make them monetized.