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How to venture a podcast with no audience

Nowadays, with the growth of podcasting in recent years, there are more than 380 million monthly listeners worldwide. Since launching a podcast with no existing audience considers the main topic of this blog, let’s get started there. Likewise, the great thing about podcasting is that it has become so popular that people are eager to listen to you.

How to launch a podcast with no existing audience?

However, depending on your level of commitment, creating a podcast can be a journey, tiresome for most people, or simple. Likewise, you must create a listener profile, specify the issues you will address, and guarantee that your podcast meets listeners’ expectations.


This considers a primary tactic if you want to launch a podcast without an established following or to begin a podcast with no existing audience. However, working with experts in your niche before you start will help expose you to a larger audience.


In addition, if you’re starting a podcast with no listeners, you don’t have any data to work with, so you’ll need to guess who they are. Similarly, use your judgment, look at the competition, and invent authentic ways to market yourself initially.


Besides this, if you already bear a following, you can use that information to market your podcast on other platforms.

Learn more about your potential listeners, and create content that will appeal to them.

How to work on your own ideas to start a podcast?

The very first thing is that if you have an idea, act on it. In addition, the most excellent method to discover how to launch a podcast is to do it! Start right away! Moreover, think about your idea and how to launch a podcast with no listeners and do it. You can read articles or watch tutorials for tips for Podcast marketing strategies.


Instead of comparing yourself to others, concentrate on making something unique and worthwhile that will eventually draw an audience. Besides this, conduct research and take steps to develop your brand (or business). These actions will eventually translate into beneficial outcomes.

Consider who you want to contact to start a podcast with no existing audience

  • Do you wish to speak with individuals that are similar to you?
  • Do you have particular pursuits that appeal to a specific group?
  • Who will be most interested in hearing your message?

However, knowing your target audience is essential since your podcast should appeal to them. Always keep in mind that podcasts are becoming more and more popular among a variety of people worldwide. So, plan and choose your podcast topics according to the demand of time and listeners.

Focus on the strategy and budget

There seems no need for a complicated initial marketing plan. Additionally, a website and a brand identity are two essential components that must be established. As your show already broadcasts, you can add more features to it. Also, consider the following point while starting a podcast with no existing audience.

  • How much money are you prepared to put into the start-up of a new podcast show?
  • How much of your spare time would you be willing to devote to advertising your show?

Last but not least

Further, several solo podcasts were launched without a potential audience. Likewise, working alone necessitates self-awareness and restraint, whereas having a co-host produces a dynamic experience. In addition, create a solid project strategy before beginning a show by yourself. Similarly, it takes longer because you own to execute activities alone.


Overall, anyone who chooses this route will have additional work because they are already starting a podcast with no existing audience. Therefore, to begin generating an audience for your program, you must set aside the time, effort, and funds necessary to create a simple marketing strategy.