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Most popular types of Podcast genre of the year

Nowadays, podcasts refresh people’s minds while they travel, walk, or feel stressed during work hours. Likewise, the podcast genre keeps specific categories that make their audience’s day. Additionally, 73% US public love to listen to podcasts to relieve stress or while enjoying their workouts.


If we talk about the global podcast listeners, the countdown reaches 464.7 million, and predictions come to 504.9 million worldwide listeners in 2024. Today, we will get to know about the most trending podcast genre of the year worldwide.

What type of podcast genres are most popular?

For the first time, podcast income exceeded $1 billion in 2021. Likewise, that year, it increased by over 70%, reaching about $1.5 billion. Similarly, the IAB predicts that the sector will reach $2 billion this year and triple that amount in 2024.


In 2021, the market for podcast genre statics was worth $14.25 billion worldwide. This rise is attributed mainly to the increasing efficiency of the podcast advertising tech stack, with the popularity of podcasts playing a minor role. But comedy considers the best podcast genre that gets the most attention.


However, 22% of Americans who listen to podcasts said they were interested in downloading one that would make them laugh. Besides this, news, true crime, and sports ranked second and third, respectively. Moreover, the Culture category still dominates podcasting, and the True Crime, Sports, and Business genres look next in line.

A brief explanation of the best-in-class podcast genre

Generally, having a good podcast means you keep a better audience, niches, and quality content for your podcast. Likewise, market research and influencers play a significant role in running a podcast successfully.


As there are monthly and weekly listeners in the US and approx. 22% listen to popular podcast genres daily or weekly.

Let's begin with a brief explanation of the most popular podcast genre-

Comic Podcast

Generally, these podcasts combine two types of content: an interview style with comedians or actors. And a solo version featuring stand-up comedy routines, jokes, and satirical reflections on society-such as movies, politics, etc.


They provide listeners with an inside glimpse at the comedy industry. Likewise, the comedy Bang! Bang! and WTF with Marc Maron are two of the most well-known comedy podcasts.

News Podcast

Moreover, the solo or discussion format covers the news and considers the more familiar structure in this genre. They are often published daily and summarize the day’s news events for those who might have missed viewing the daily news on television.


The alternative format interviews typically include conversations with reporters or subject-matter experts. They give listeners an inside peek at the news industry and frequently feature opinions on current affairs.

The Sports Podcast

The interview style, which typically includes podcast-genre conversations with athletes or sports experts, is standard for this podcast. Further, a solo or dialogue format also covers debates about specific sports, commentary on sporting events, etc.


They provide listeners with insight into the world of sports from behind the scenes and frequently feature analyses of recent sporting events.

Business Podcast

They provide listeners with an insider’s view of the business world and frequently offer advice on succeeding.

Similarly, these can be presented in the interview format or as standalone shows. For example, The Tim Ferriss Show, Business Wars, and How I Built This

True Crime Podcast

These podcasts often include interviews with witnesses or other participants in the case, including the victims, and are based on actual crimes. Moreover, their tendency to present a fresh viewpoint on well-known situations makes them well-liked.


Also, they constantly feature excellent production values and thorough research. Serial, Dirty John, Drilled, and others consider a few of the top true crime podcasts.

Music Podcast

These podcasts consider pop, folks, native and cultural songs of the particular country or state—for example, Spotify, Song Exploder, Lost Notes, Louder than a Riot, etc.

Final words

As discussed above, podcasts consider a medicine to relax the mind and make your soul happy. You can listen to your favorite podcast genre anywhere, just keeping an internet connection. In addition, podcasts streamline the life of students and old-age also.


These entertain alone and older people while students find informative lectures and other suitable materials here. All in all, the most popular podcast genres make your day, and you can listen to what you want.