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Pop up your Window with the Hubspot Lightbox Form

Generally, Popup forms consider those created to appear on your website. Similarly, visitors’ information, including emails for email marketing campaigns, etc., is sometimes compiled using popup forms.  Moreover, lightbox popups are web forms that overlay the webpage you are now viewing. The webpage’s background darkens when the form appears, making it stand out.


In addition, you may design captivating lead capture forms using the popup forms tool to draw in more leads.  However, popup forms are considered compatible with any blog post, article, caption, etc. Similarly, lightbox popups are often used in opt-in campaigns to collect email addresses. If visitors receive value from these, they may become highly effective. 

Interpretation Hubspot lightbox form

A pop-up light box is an overlay window that displays over a webpage, blocking some of the content and dimming and turning off the remainder of the background. As a result, website visitors can only engage with other content if they take some action, such as clicking a button, completing a popup, or leaving the page. 


Besides this, a lightbox can appear anywhere on the screen, although it frequently appears in the middle. Similarly, its popups work well for several reasons. It is essential to make the lightbox popups relevant to visitors and why they are there. Likewise, Sumo’s analysis of 1.7 billion popups shows an average conversion rate of 3.09%. 


They eliminate any other enticing elements from a website and clarify what they should do next. In addition, you can close popup windows by clicking anywhere outside of them. However, the top 10% of popups that performed the best retained a tremendous average conversion rate of 9.28%.  


Furthermore, lightbox popups must be relevant to the user’s purpose for visiting your website or page to be effective. The most prominent example considers a discount code found on a product page. Including an email registration form on a blog post also becomes typical and useful. 


A Hubspot popup form on click asks readers to subscribe to future blog episodes because they are confident in the value and originality of their blog entries.

Building a Lightbox for Your Website

You can build a lightbox from scratch, but you’ll need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Additionally, non-developers want to create a popup from HubSpot for their website by a simple enough process that they don’t need to touch a single line of code.


Likewise, the lightbox method differs depending on the website creation tool or third-party program. 

Let’s carry out the procedures to create a lightbox form. Eventually, Hubspot for business work as a priority for marketers and business personnel.

Steps to Create a Lightbox Form

  • Go to Forms on your HubSpot account to get started for HubSpot Pop-Up Forms
  • If you keep a Professional or Enterprise account, go to Marketing > Lead Capture > Forms. Go to Marketing > Forms if you have a Starter or Free version.
  • Choose to Create a form from the menu in the top right. 
  • From the sidebar on the left, choose the Popup form. 
  • Choose Next.
  • After choosing the popup form type, click Next.
  • In the Callout tabs, alter the popup’s text, body, and button.
  • A customized form is created and displayed when visitors click the CTA button. You may also sketch a thank you note and a follow-up email for your new leads.
  • Specify the conditions under which this popup should display on your website. 
  • You can pick whether you want your popup triggered by a 50% page scroll, an exit intent, or time elapsed by simply typing the URL of the page(s) on which you want it to appear. To hide your lightbox popups on a smartphone and tablet or for other purposes, you can also create “exclusion criteria.”
  • To make your popup form active, click Publish in the top right corner when ready.

WordPress Lightbox creation

WordPress bears no built-in functionality for making lightbox forms, so you’ll need a plugin. With its free WordPress plugin, you can use HubSpot’s popup feature on your website. As a result, you will take the above actions.

On a Footnote

All in all, when you wish to display some content, a lightbox popups framework opens a form in front of it. These are incredibly successful visual communication tools for use in retail settings and stylish, cost-effective lighting solutions for various interior locations.


While some pop-ups exist as invasive and irritating, others can enhance user experience and increase leads or purchases. Therefore, Hubspot for small businesses and large scale can assist trade strategies for the digital marketing of their brands. 


For instance, a javascript lightbox popup can direct visitors’ attention to essential information or offers, such as a content upgrade, discount coupon, or email registration. Therefore, you can follow web design standards while deciding on your popups’ copy, layout, and timing.