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Promote Your Podcast on Podcast Apps to Boost It

Generally, paid ad posts may assist in marketing tactics to attract listeners interested in your podcast topic. However, the podcast platforms you select will make a huge difference. Likewise, only some of these channels hold the ideal audience for promoting podcasts on podcast apps or bringing in new subscribers.


This article explains the benefits of podcast advertising and equips all the facts you need to create a profitable campaign.

Let’s start with the podcast and its difference from traditional advertisements.


The creation and delivery of audio files using RSS feed to users’ computers are known as Podcasting. Users do not require specific podcast equipment to build audible or video podcasts like on Youtube or other social channels.


However, users can listen to these files on their smartphones or digital music and multimedia players like iPods by uploading them to streaming services. Although a podcast may serve various functions, its primary goal includes amusing listeners.


There is a list of reasons why people subscribe to podcasts, such as listening to updates and analyses of current affairs and discovering a new subject or sector.

Podcast applications versus conventional digital ads

Additionally, online advertisers enclose a wide range of options. You may launch a Facebook advertising campaign, disseminate a compensated advertisement on Instagram, or buy ad space on Google or Podcast hosts who can use social networking sites to grow their audiences and spread their material.


Besides this, there exist better choices than these venues for podcasters. Here are a few justifications for why these outlets look ineffective.

Inappropriate target audience

Most users of other digital advertising platforms don’t seek new podcasts. Likewise, people use social media to communicate with friends and family, not to request podcasts. As a result, even if a Facebook ad reaches your target demographic, consumers will not engage.

Effective exertion looks difficult

Moreover, traditional web advertisements are viewed as tricky. If you don’t know such things, there are numerous ways to lose money and many things you should know to make money. Additionally, podcasters can more easily market their material on podcast apps and earn a solid return on their investment.

Difficult to trace subscribers

The success statistic for digital ads and audio ads consider different. Its effectiveness can measure based on the volume of clicks or traffic a digital advertisement generates. The main objective of podcast promotion includes increasing listenership, not necessarily website or landing page traffic.

Choosing the right podcast apps

In addition, podcast applications seem more successful than traditional digital advertisements at enticing new subscribers. Moreover, both podcast players and podcast directories consider third-party podcast apps.


Although they retain more sophisticated search features, enhanced usability, and advanced search possibilities, and are comparable to Apple Podcast and Spotify.


The overall hypothesis requires that you pay a specific cost to keep your ad placed within the app, even though each app operates differently. However, every app includes different prices, ad placement possibilities, and campaign lengths.


Similarly, podcast apps attract devoted, attentive listeners into the perfect frame of mind for an advertisement for a new podcast. Take a look at the best-performing podcasting promotional apps listed below.

Best podcast apps to broadcast your podcast

  • Overcast
  • Podcast Addict
  • Podbean
  • Pocket casts
  • Buzzsprout ads
  • Podbay
  • Podcast republic
  • Castbox
  • PodLP
  • Player FM

Trends of live events, streaming, and sessions in Podcasting

Live performances offer a unique chance to interact with your listeners. Similarly, live streaming makes Q&A sessions, competitions, and phone-in arguments all possible.


So, whatever the focus of your podcast, your listeners will value the opportunity to interact with you live. In 2022, Podcasting and podcast apps grew in popularity as a form of media, attracting 424.2 million listeners worldwide.


Likewise, talk programs, actual crimes, and investigative journalism are some of the recurring themes among the most popular Apple podcasts. You can also choose one of these themes immediately because they consider well-liked by large audiences.

On a final note

According to Acumen Research and Consulting, the global podcasting market segments by genre and format. Therefore, podcast apps play a vital role in scattering your web content. Likewise, a projected CAGR of 31.1% will be expected from 2021 to 2028, bringing the size of the global podcasting market to USD 94.88 billion.


Overall, Podcasting considers several specific components to stay online for a longer time, such as- emphasis on a central idea, performing to a community, play to the listener, verismo, show structure, and regular agendas.