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Swing your dreams with influencer marketing

Nowadays, the influencer marketing trend is at its pace among successful marketers. Likewise, the influencer technique collaborates with online influencers who can market products, services, or a specific brand.


Additionally, it is a social media weapon that can attract and interact audience of your brand. Now, let’s begin with the introduction of influencer commerce as defined below

What is influencer marketing?

The term influencer marketing refers to social media marketing that leverages acceptance and product mentions from influential individuals who have a large social following and are viewed as experts in their fields.


In addition, there are four basic types of influencers with the size of the audience they have; let’s have a look at it- 

Nano Influencers

As the name describes, nano influencers have a 10,000 audience volume or fewer than this. Similarly, these people consider experts in their niche types with a finely engaged small audience. Additionally, Jan Lauren includes a perfect example of the nano influencer. 


With an adequate audience volume from 10,000 to 1,00,000, micro-influencers consider niche experts with highly engaged audiences. Likewise, lifestyle blogger Miette Dierckx is the best example of micro-influencer marketing on the web.

Macro Influencers

In the list of Macro Influencers, native or B to C-class celebrities are involved. These have an audience size from 1,00,000 to one million and consider as most accessible influencers on the internet. Similarly, fashion blogger Amy Jackson looks like a perfect example of a Macro Influencer.

Mega Influencers

As the name depicts, Mega Influencers possess considerable traffic or followers. Additionally, they have 1 million or more than this audience, and famous celebrities are included in this category. Mostly, they gain fame offline but earn money by turning it online from their fans.

What are the primary types of Influencer marketing?

Social Media influencer marketing is considered a broad concept and is primarily part of social media. Likewise, building brands, as well as relationships with customers, look easy while you demonstrate your product or services on social media as your own or via a celebrity. 


Moreover, like other digital techniques, influencer marketing will also focus on the particular campaign creation and its workflow with accurate analytics. Therefore, experts divide this marketing into eight primary campaigns, as mentioned beneath-

Host or contest giveaways

These are popular campaigns for influencer marketing services where influencers ask customers to fill out email forms, write comments, reviews, share, or retweet, etc.

Social media takeover or Takeover campaigns

The social media takeover campaign considers a solid strategy to engage followers and generate leads. Additionally, influencers promote and recognize your brand among social media audiences by sharing their selfies, question-answer sessions, contests, etc. Therefore, you can contact an experienced Influencer marketing agency

Affiliate campaigns

These are commission-based or paid partner campaigns where that redirect visitors to other E-commerce websites. The E-commerce influencer gets a commission per the agreement if the sale is generated from there. 

Sponsored social media content

Here, influencers create and post your brand’s products or services on their accounts on various social media platforms. The partner influencer gets the free or discount price for that product, or they can charge a fee to post your content on their social accounts.

Product seeding and Gifting

These campaigns are designed to offer free gifts to influencers or real people at discounted prices. The main objective of this type of influencer marketing campaign is to seed their products in the local market first.

Sponsored Blog posting

It considers the simplest but most effective way to engage your audience. Likewise, you can pay the bloggers to write about your products on their own blog sections and websites.

Event activations

It involves social gatherings, seminars, and special days to promote your products or services with celebrity influencers. These campaigns help to raise the conversion rate and customer engagement organically. 

Guest Posting

It seems an effective as well as an easy way to promote your services and products by collaborating with influencers or a celebrity. You can provide your own guest post to them or ask them to write and share about your brand. It considers one of the successful Influencer marketing strategy planings.

Brand Ambassador campaigns

It basically focuses on the popular social media influencers representing your brand for a particular period, like signing a bond for a year or more. 

However, collaborating with a famous personality to promote your products and services will lead your brand to the next level. In addition, you have to pay a fee and can offer a gift to the brand ambassador for the advertisement of your brand on the influencer search platform.

What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

In this digital era, influencer marketing pays its best to the marketer with growth in revenue of more than double or triple. It also offers several other benefits, such as-


  • Increased sales and growth revenue
  • Boost online presentation and customer engagement 
  • Enriches the content and visual graphics for your brand
  • Make you capable of making the right decisions
  • Improves brand awareness and audience reach
  • Build trust and brand loyalty
  • It saves time and budget-friendly
  • Helps to boost ROI, SEO, and sales funnel
  • Easy retargeting of the products and services

On a final note

In conclusion, influencer marketing services provide higher audience reach and brand recognition to your existing and new customers. They love the endorsement of products or services by a brand ambassador or a social media influencer


Additionally, it builds trust between a brand and its customers. Likewise, a strong social media presence and brand recognition better the image of your company and increase conversion rates.  


All in all, influencer marketing is necessary for the growth of your business if you have a smaller or large-scale business. It seems optional for startups or minimal enterprises. 


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