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The art of current social media marketing- Micro-moments

Consumers today must navigate a far more difficult tangle of minute, smartphone-enabled steps, each of which brings them closer to the “buy now” button for a few weeks or months.


These actions, which Google refers to as “social media micro-moments,” reportedly impact digital marketing. Whether we like it or not, micro-moments revolutionize marketing. 


However, you’ve undoubtedly observed this change as a marketer. But did you know it holds a formal name? It sometimes calls Micro moment marketing too.


In general, Google claims that intent-rich moments are essential to micro-moment marketing. Here is a brief overview of the trend and its effects on your team. In this blog post, we will read briefly about social media micro-moments and their role in digital marketing. 

What are Social Media Micro-moments according to your perspective?

When individuals instinctively reach for a mobile device to browse, learn, study, and make purchases, this is known as a micro-moment in digital marketingLikewise, the formation of preferences and the making of appraisals occur during these high-intent times. 


When customers see a product on the store shelf, how often will they pull out their smartphone to compare pricing and read reviews? How often will they ask a voice assistant to find the closest stores and eateries? 


It happens more often as consumers depend more on their mobile devices to do tasks as part of the social media marketing strategyToday, one in five American adults only use their smartphones to stay connected, and mobile devices account for 52.2% of all website traffic worldwide.

The user-intended needs that the Micro-moments marketing journey must follow

I want to know

It considers the process of looking into something or researching a service before making a purchase decision.

I want to go

Customers use this service to search for local businesses or purchase anything from a nearby retailer.

I want to do

It occurs when a person needs assistance with a task or wants to try something new.

I want to buy

When a customer is prepared to buy but needs assistance with the “where” and “how.”

Why do marketers prefer Social Media-Micro moment marketing?

Nowadays, micro-moments on social media are a total game-changer from a marketing viewpoint. Customers generally look for a company, item, or service that meets a need rather than a particular brand. Moreover, micro-moment marketing looks more essential than ever due to the shift in user intent. 


However, these moments occur when individuals instinctively use a mobile device to explore, learn, investigate, and make purchases. Likewise, the formation of preferences and choices emerge during these high-intent times. Besides this, many consumers don’t hold strong brand loyalty. 


In addition, 90% of smartphone users start their online information searches with a vague idea of the particular brand they wish to purchase. Similarly, smartphone use makes it more likely for 62% of users to respond instantly when overlooking an unanticipated issue, which opens up social media micro-moment chances for multiple brands.

Reasons to prefer micro marketing for brands

  • It instantly grasps the user’s attention at the right time
  • Increases brand recognition for all sizes of businesses
  • Provides a competitive advantage for early investors as social media micro-moment strategy
  • A reliable method to enhance customer experience and brand awareness 
  • Boost sales and speed up the expansion of your business
  • At this time, customer expectations seem greater than ever

Final thoughts

Generally, micro-moment marketing includes a tried-and-true method to enhance the client experience and brand exposure, boost sales, and hustle business expansion. In addition, knowing what your customers expect becomes key to maintaining your success.


Likewise, social media micro-moments are intentional moment of selection or personalization that happens anywhere along the customer journey. These moments determine who wins hearts, minds, and money (or loses).


To summarize, the brands that understand and cater to consumers’ thirst at these micro-moments will be the ones that succeed in the future.