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Think, talk Digitally- Be Digital with Chatbots

In this digital era, we are all aware of chatbots available in various forms. Additionally, these play an essential role in answering human queries in one or two lines.

What is a chatbot?

Moreover, a chatbot can be as basic as a one-line program. It responds to a simple question or as complex as a digital assistant that learns and develops over time to offer more individualized service as it collects and processes data.


At its most basic, AI chatbots comprise computer programs that simulate and interpret human speech (spoken or typed), enabling users to communicate with digital devices they were speaking with a real person.

What are the basic types of chatbots?

Many rumors about chatbots exist, but they are digital marketing and communication innovations. Nobody is present every time to answer the queries of customers that are very much basic. So, experts use automated dialogues or Artificial Intelligence chatbots to answer real humans in single or two lines.


In addition, if we talk about the standard type of AI marketing bots, then these are listed below-

AI Bots (Artificial intelligence chatbots)

The AI bots consist of NLP (Natural language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning). These are smart bots that answer human queries like real people. An AI chatbot can consider the context of the user’s input and react to it appropriately.


These Google chatbots or other types of virtual assistants work as conversational or task-oriented bots. The AI bots are considered data-driven and predictive and work better for user queries and in different fields-

  • Education
  • Food zones
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Shopping 
  • FAQs, etc.

In addition, they employ predictive intelligence and analytics to offer personalization based on user profiles and previous user behavior. Moreover, digital assistants can gradually learn user preferences, make suggestions, and foresee needs.

Data-driven and Informative Chatbots

Similarly, chatbots can start dialogues in addition to monitoring data and intent. Some examples of consumer-focused, data-driven, predictive bots are Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. Primarily, application-based or predictive bots fit in this category.


These website chatbots provide relevant information for user queries or questions through the data gathered. Likewise, these work with specific areas with great user intent, for example-

App-based chatbots

The hybrid application-oriented bots integrate sophisticated conversational and rule-based systems.

Informative Chatbots

Currently, information-based or Artificial Intelligence bots are unquestionably doubted as the most popular and effective virtual assistants. These keep you informed on specific subjects regularly depending on predefined standards, including time, place, and preferred material.

Educational assistants

Chatbots for teaching considers an excellent idea for areas of the world that are less digitally advanced or prioritize mobile devices. A chatbot-powered learning experience looks quite beneficial for small and big groups, even entire nations in such locations, that lack knowledge in a particular field.

Effective communication chatbots

Additionally, Facebook AI Conversation bots or chatbots for digital marketing are widespread in communication support, a service hotline, or via email and social media. Likewise, these bots answer the live users as a consultant or HR.


Basically, these customer-based chatbots include answering organization-based queries or brand-specific ones. Additionally, WhatsApp or other social media platforms are ordinary where these bots work.

Few drawbacks of the Chatbot

Every machine learning or AI-based tool or bot possesses a few limitations, even though they seem pretty intelligent and filled with data information. However, bots answer human queries as a machine in a dull way. So, let’s have a look at it-

  • Limited access to real people’s questions
  • Repetitively answer like a machine or inflexibly.
  • Stuck in an endless loop and can answer to a particular rigid pattern and unable to reply to different comments, questions, or searches
  • With the specific brand data in Live Chatbot on the website, these can reply to the branded products or services.
  • If chatbots are only partially planned or work without AI with NLP, these can perform poorly and may be discontinued after some time.

A precise solution to client queries- Chatbots

In a nutshell, Artificial Intelligence chatbots have become an incredible part of modern-era digital businesses. In the same vein, advanced digital assistants can also link multiple, single-purpose chatbots together, gather data from each one separately, and then integrate this data to carry out a task while maintaining context—keeping the Chatbot from getting “confused.”


Therefore, we must pay attention to these virtual assistants from being part of present digital marketing and other web-oriented applications. These digital assistants save time and answer to the point for your business-related queries.


The latest technology works to make bots more efficient and NLP-friendly. Stay tuned with swapithub.com for more information on the latest techs and digital marketing resources.