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Trending topics are here- Video Podcasting

Nowadays, the trend of Podcasting and video podcasting is at its topline. Most people love to listen while driving, working, or having free time. So, Podcasting considers the best option for their music, contest sessions, interviews, or discussion sessions.


The professionals over the internet unbox their views and ideas babysitting together and make the moments funny sometimes. In addition, only some people love to listen, but a few want to sit in chill mode and watch streamlined videos with audio.


We narrate the brief about video podcasting from the commencement of Podcasting to the audio-visual podcasting. So, let’s start with an introduction to Podcasts and Podcasting.

What are podcasts and Podcasting?

Generally, podcasts consider an anthology of a series of digital listening or audio materials. Additionally, you can easily download and save these files or can listen online with the help of apps, e.g., Spotify video podcast, Saavan, etc.


Moreover, a single person or more can lead the podcasting program by sharing their views, discussions, stories, general conversation, news, etc. Likewise, every single audio recording considers the podcast episode.


Further, Podcasting includes the formation and distribution of audio files employing RSS feed to the web devices of the subscribed users. Similarly, these streamlined podcasting services can easily upload to digital devices like an iPod, and subscribers can enjoy their favorite music.

How is video podcasting different from regular Podcasting?

Moreover, we understand simple Podcasting as described above; now it’s time to learn about the latest video podcasting technology. Additionally, it differs from the audio; viewers can listen and watch it, e.g., Ted Talks Daily, The Tim Ferris Show, etc.


Generally, best video podcasts consider audio Podcasts with a video element. Likewise, it can be a single image or images or recorded videos of the podcast hosts and guests. The significant difference between Podcasting and video is that we can listen to Podcasting while on a walk, driving, gym, or working.


But live stream video podcasts need time to sit and watch the streamlined movie, web series, etc. However, teenagers and youngsters are fond of live video podcasts very much. So, it betters your SEO as more audiences engage with your visual podcasting channels or apps.

What is the primary classification of video podcasting?

On top of trends, live video podcasts bang your buck if you are a marketer. Likewise, by adding visual elements to audio files, you can easily attract people, and it helps to increase traffic to your channel.


Similarly, it allows podcasters to contact new audiences on their platform who visit to like and share videos of their favorite host. Besides this, video podcasting is divided into various categories, such as-

  • Conversational
  • Interview based
  • Educational podcast
  • Monologue or solo podcast
  • Roundtable or group of hosts
  • News (Panel) & storytelling (non-fiction)
  • Podcast theaters
  • Repurposed content
  • Hybrid podcast
  • Bite-sized content or Limited run video podcast

On the other hand, podcasts can be simple or complex depending on the creators or the audience’s interest. Similarly, top video podcasts are one of the best tactics to earn money and traffic on your social platforms, which will also enhance the ranking of your website and channels.

What are the benefits of video podcasting to your standard podcasting strategy?

Furthermore, visual podcasting builds trust and loyalty and makes a strong connection between the audience and their favorite hosts by commenting, giving feedback, giving suggestions, etc. Additionally, by engaging the audience, you can improve the reach of people to you.


Likewise, it offers several other benefits to Video podcast hosting, native speakers or influencers, who the audience might love to listen to, such as digital marketing experts, comedians, celebrities, etc. So, let’s have a look at its advantages to steam on the major social platforms-

  • Streamlining videos cut down the on-screen time
  • Keep the audience engaged and focused
  • On-time podcast video recording
  • Build reliability and trust
  • Boost social media presence and traffic reach
  • Single-time recordings, video editing podcasts, and publishing for a month
  • Mobile-friendly and accessible anytime
  • Supports and monetizes start-ups
  • Improves SEO and ranking on the web
  • Tips and tricks directly from the experts
  • Prevent bias from mainstream media

How does the trend of social media go?

As we all know, Video podcasts or free video podcasts are not only about watching streamlined videos but are based on a particular niche. So, live streaming allows subscribers to attend contests, Q&A sessions, in-phone debates, etc.


Likewise, the starting of Podcasting had 15.5% users, but in 2022, it reached to 383million, as stated in a survey. Additionally, the listeners will touch 424.2 million users, as expected for the next year by the professionals. We can imagine the future of video podcasting as lively and innovative in the coming years.


In 2021, the podcasting market was valued at USD 13785 million; in 2030, it will be valued at USD 153,071 million. Forecasts predict a CAGR of 31.2% from 2022 to 2030. Therefore, we can understand the growth level of Video podcasting for beginners and podcasters in the coming era.

Last but not least

Overall, podcasting and video podcasting grow day by day. Launching a video channel seems hard, but try it once and continue. Likewise, people prefer popular Podcast trends due to the instant access and availability of choices they want.


Moreover, Podcasting does not require a TV or PC to stay in one place; you can use it on your digital gear like mobile, tabs, etc., and watch or listen where you want.


So, Podcasting is now a trend with millions of users; similarly, statics will increase in the future. For more updates like this, stay tuned with the swapithub.com blogs section.