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Use of Google Trends in Content Marketing: Dos and Don’ts

Typically, Google Trends offers real-time information on trending search phrases. When used correctly, Google Trends in content marketing may do a lot of things for you, like assist you in developing content ideas and improving your keyword research.


In short, it provides a singular perspective into people’s minds, given the billions of queries conducted through Google each year. Here is all the information you need regarding Google Trends Content Marketing and some advice on effectively using it for Content Marketing Strategy.

Getting to know Google Trends

Additionally, using Google’s signature clear, uncomplicated manner, Google Trends entertainingly offers a wealth of information. Likewise, browsing the site and seeing which celebrities, movies, and memes people want is amusing.


In addition to individual search phrases, Google Trends for Marketers enables you to investigate broader topics, such as winter holidays, genres like arts and entertainment, or interests and pastimes.


Moreover, regardless of your industry, Google Trends can offer insightful data for your business. This contributes to its effectiveness as a content marketing tool.

Google Trends can be used in Several Ways

In addition, Google Trends may provide you with some suggestions for how to use it for Digital Content Trends for your company. Besides this, a few Google Trend apps are listed below that assist you in modifying your search, or you can contact swapithub.com to meet professionals on How to Use Google Trends for Marketing.

Google Trend Applications for Content Marketing

Keyword Analysis

You should complete the process of conducting keyword research, as previously stated. Similarly, you can use Google Trends to supplement your keyword research in Google Analytics and AdWords. Also, it can show related and new keywords you may have yet to learn and a great bond between Google Trends Content Marketing.

Creation of Ideas

With Google Trends, Google made it simple to get lost in a rabbit hole, and if you do, who knows what ideas you’ll come up with? Essentially, find out what interests your clients in a specific area, such as California, or a specific city, such as San Diego.


Further, enter a search keyword linked to your company and look through the related subjects and inquiries to produce Content Marketing Trends and ideas related to your brand. Therefore, you will discover something new if you spend even a half-hour searching Google Trends for content ideas for your brand.

Calendars of Content

You intend to write a blog entry regarding fitness apps. What’s this? According to Google Trends data collected over five years, early January considers the best time to put that piece in your content calendar.


Generally, you can arrange and publish material for optimum impact using Google Trends. Likewise, it’s a highly beneficial feature for your content marketing.


Additionally, you put a lot of time into creating your content. Release it when fewer people are likely to read it. Similarly, use Google Trends Content Marketing to analyze your keyword data to create a content calendar.

Not to use Google Trends like this

As demonstrated above, what Google Trends may reveal to you, it’s equally crucial to remember what considers hot trends on it.

Use without Context

Likewise, remember that Google Trends needs to provide more information on the context in which specific terms go on the search. Furthermore, it looks vital to remember that search keywords cannot accurately describe the information individuals seek.

Take an Example

For example, in Belfast, Northern Ireland, “What is the internet” was the most frequently sought definition in 2016. Do Belfast residents need help understanding what the Internet is? So, both yes and no. Using the Internet to research it, they sought details on how the Internet functions rather than a general overview.


It may be acceptable to read a blog post about how individuals in Belfast use the Internet to check their email and look up information. Likewise, a piece describing how computers serve as routers and transport data via cables, wireless radio links, and satellites would be more to their liking.

On a Footnote

Last, but not least, remember that Google Trends content marketing offers relevant data. However, a number taken out of context means only a little. Additionally, one data researcher says Google Trends doesn’t provide context for its statistics. When using Trends for your content marketing, it seems essential to recognize the lacking context.


Overall, Google Trends offers a mesmerizing peek into the collective awareness of people and the topics that draw their attention. If you use it wisely, your Video Content Trends or content marketing will benefit greatly.