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Which is better- Hubspot vs. Salesforce?

Nowadays, multiple CRM solutions are available in the market; likewise, HubSpot vs. Salesforce routinely rank as the top CRM platforms.  However, both platforms provide huge sales teams with a reliable business expansion solution. 

Nonetheless, you begin to see the differences when you analyze how these systems were created and how that foundation affects adoption and usability.


The post compares and contrasts HubSpot vs. Salesforce marketing, but other customer relationship management technologies may better suit your business.

What is HubSpot?

With HubSpot’s sales, service, marketing, and content management tools, expanding organizations can manage customer relationships easily.  Likewise, your front office teams entitle to bear a single source of reality to improve customer connections and deliver world-class service from Hubspot vs. Salesforce


Still, HubSpot was created internally using a single code base, giving you a consistent, simpler experience for your team to adapt and use.

What does Salesforce attain?

Salesforce offers a customer relationship management (Hubspot CRM) platform with applications for-

  • Sales
  • Support
  • Marketing
  • More that helps businesses connect with customers

Likely, Salesforce was created through a series of acquisitions, so the connections and experience may vary depending on the products you use.  Therefore, Salesforce can hold a greater learning curve and demand more administrative personnel or funding to get systems integrated.

What market statistics said about Hubspot vs. Salesforce?

One of the world’s most well-known CRM service providers today sounds Salesforce in digital marketingIt was founded in 1999, and its cloud-based Sales Cloud solution transformed the CRM software sector. However, with a 19.6% market share and more than 150,000 clients, Salesforce stands as the market leader.


Likewise, 2014 saw the launch of HubSpot’s free CRM software, which enables companies to manage, follow up with, and nurture leads and clients. Similarly, Salesforce stands as the industry leader in CRM, but HubSpot steadily gains ground.


Likewise, it suits small to medium-sized enterprises and counts over 56,500 clients today. Although ease of use works as a subjective measurement, Cap Terra’s research is based on actual feedback from sales and marketing professionals. 


Additionally, on Capterra, 14,230 users give Salesforce a 3.9/5 rating for simplicity of use. It looks apparent from comparing the features of HubSpot vs. Salesforce that Salesforce offers more. Thus, everything ultimately depends on the needs of your company.

Rating and primary difference between Hubspot vs. Salesforce

  • On Capterra, Salesforce receives a feature rating of 4.4/5.
  • On Capterra, HubSpot acquires a feature rating of 4.3/5.

When it comes to reporting and personalization, Salesforce considers superior.  In addition, HubSpot holds an outstanding UI and a lower learning curve. Therefore, it provides more extensive marketing and sales capabilities at a reasonable price (not a free tier). Further, the top three rivals of HubSpot CRM in the CRM Platforms category include-

  • Salesforce CRM (40.22% market share) 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM (6.32% market share)
  • SAP CRM (5.10% market share)


However, both solutions include crucial CRM features like contact and lead management, email marketing, and sales forecasting.  Additionally, in terms of customization, analytics, and cutting-edge functionality, Salesforce excels.  Similarly, for usability and affordable plans, HubSpot beats Salesforce.

Final Thoughts

Additionally, Hubspot vs. Salesforce seem well-known brands in the CRM industry, with good reason. However, as every business will include different CRM requirements, you may need more choices.  Overall, in HubSpot vs. Salesforce, Hubspot considers a better option for small and medium-sized firms, but major enterprises will likely need to choose Salesforce. 


HubSpot’s quick, dependable, and powerful connectivity allows you to sync your data with Salesforce in a few minutes without technical proficiency and setup. 


As a result, you can use both platforms for your mixed teams. If you feel confused about your business requirements or want the best in Tricity Hubspot services, call swapithub.com.