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Depict Hubspot integration. Also, explain Pie Sync vs. Custom integration

Currently, Hubspot comes with a new feature called Operations Hub. Likewise, this platform has different types of integrations, such as Hubspot salesforce, email, API integrations, etc.  However, Hubspot integrations work as a pathway between the marketing database and the customer database of the customers. 


Likewise, more than 1000+ integrations make your business comfortable connecting with the right integrations.  Here, we will unfold the pages of Hubspot integration, Pie Sync vs. custom integration, to inform our customers of the right choice for the Hubspot integration services.

What do you understand by Hubspot integrations?

Nowadays, Hubspot integrations play an essential role in ensuring the growth of your business.  In simple terms, these enable data transfer between external/internal systems and the HubSpot CRM.  Similarly, a single business goal often requires multiple programs at once.


Additionally, Hubspot syncs website information with the Hubspot platform. In addition, it assists in increasing sales from new and existing clients.  Furthermore, it provides a one-stop shop for best-in-class customer service.  Likewise, Hubspot integrations ensure that all systems operate effectively to boost output and data consistency. 


Additionally, it aims to reduce the complexity imposed by improved system communication, which minimizes the effects of any potential modifications to these systems.

Differentiate Hubspot Pie Sync and Custom integrations?

Generally, by combining with the Hubspot integrations, you can track who registers for (and attends) your events with HubSpot integration, capture leads into HubSpot, and connect with event participants more rapidly before and after the event. 


Additionally, it offers a platform for establishing workflows for personalized event follow-ups and reminders. Now, we will discuss Hubspot’s two important integrations that can make your business look more frequent. 

Pie Sync vs. Custom Integration

Pie Sync

With PieSync, you can sync contacts and leads between cloud-based programs and resolve your concerns with isolated data.  Therefore, it allows you to customize your synchronization by selecting the type of contact or lead and the synchronization method.


However, HubSpot bought PieSync and no longer takes on new users for their standalone product.  Likewise, you can opt for other Pie Sync alternatives, such as Zapier and Outfunnel, for synchronizing contact information and more across your sales and marketing platforms.

Hubspot Pie Sync

Hubspot Pie Sync possesses several key features that assist trial marketing and other businesses in generating high revenues and saving time. Now, take a brief look at its features, as discussed below.

Features of Pies Sync

Dual-Directional Sync

Nonetheless, PieSync works as a bidirectional sync to avoid data loss, enabling adding and modifying contacts in your applications.

Smart synchronization

A simple if-then criterion ensures that you have the correct data in the right location with the intelligent synchronization engine.

Reconcile and integrate historical data

In addition, PieSync maintains current and historical data, unlike trigger-based action, which only manages new data.


The PieSync platform provides a robust but easy-to-use setup option. As an end user, you don’t require programming knowledge to set up a two-way sync between your business systems.

Custom Integration

Further, custom HubSpot integrations include a code that runs in the cloud independently of HubSpot and the app you want to synchronize data with. Likewise, the custom code employs APIs to transmit data between HubSpot and your App at predetermined intervals or in real-time (Application Programming Interfaces).


Moreover, the HubSpot Custom Integration Accreditation recognizes an individual’s ability to scope, develop, and implement sophisticated custom integrations adjacent to HubSpot CRM to meet specific client needs. Additionally, the HubSpot Custom Integration solution is fully bespoke for each client and tailors to the demands of their business, ensuring seamless integration into their process flow.

Features of Custom Integration

  • Each component of an API is transformed into a separate set to ensure that it translates to the relevant systems.
  • It assists in reducing long-term costs.
  • Enhances operational effectiveness
  • They can be scaled up and offer a long-term solution.
  • Boosts general productivity
  • This strategy performs best when you need to combine no more than two applications.

On a footnote

Overall, Hubspot Operations Hub or Pie Sync offers a wide range of services, whereas Custom integration provides a written script for data synchronization. Likewise, both work to grow your business and empower industries to integrate clients’ data. 


Additionally, you can choose your service point according to the need of the business app or website and generate new leads by including Hubspot Integrations