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Know about the Popular & money-making Hubspot blog niches

Nowadays, there are more than 600 million blogs on the web that fall under different categories. Likewise, modern blogs are niche based and can appear quickly in search boxes. 


Moreover, authors get paid for these blogs and inform users about the latest businesses, services, educational tutorials, etc. Besides this, niche-based blogs and articles assist writers in earning from their writings. Today, we will discuss the different but popular niche-based Hubspot categories and their advantages to the users. 

What are blog categories & niches?

A multi-niche blog covers a variety of subjects. You may write about your interests on the same blog, which considers a perk of this. 


For example, you may share your favorite dish one day and then write about photography the next. 

Likewise, most multi-niche bloggers pick three to five areas to cover and create 20+ posts for each one. 


On the same blog, you can write about dozens of different subjects and add new ones as your interests change.


There are other ways to skin a cat, even if establishing and monetizing a single-topic blog may be simpler when you start. Additionally, a multi-topic blog can help you succeed and earn money. 

Popular and monetized Hubspot blog niches

  • Digital Marketing
  • Health & Fitness
  • Blogging
  • Traveling 
  • Sports
  • Food & recipes
  • Weight loss & Home remedies
  • Organic food
  • Educational
  • Personal development & motivation
  • Current affairs
  • Finance & Investment
  • Politics
  • Films, music, etc.
  • Technology
  • Gym & Workout

On a footnote

Generally, Niche blogging and general considers quite distinct from one another. While general bloggers write on various topics to draw in many readers, niche bloggers concentrate on a particular niche.  Secondly, one of these methods can be more effective for you than the other, depending on your aims!


Likewise, having a single blog with various themes includes the simplest method to accomplish this. Additionally, topic-specific pages are generated automatically; the digest and blog listing page will include articles from both themes.


The Popular & money-making Hubspot blog niches assist you and your marketing channels to flourish wisely in this competitive era.